Pastor Sam Blanco4Every morning I pour a cup of coffee, add some Stevia and stir it. In all the times that I have done this, the law of inertia has never failed: the coffee lies still until I begin the stirring. It has never begun to stir before I get there, nor has it ever spun contrary to the motion of my teaspoon. It lies still until moved.

The prophet Haggai reveals that, for a variety of reasons the people of God remained still. That is, until the hand of God powerfully motivated them: and the LORD stirred up their spirit! At that precise moment, the people became the coffee and the LORD was the spoon. The good thing was that the people offered no resistance, but instead, allowed themselves to be stirred. The result: the beautiful Jerusalem Temple was completed.

Every year, the Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas season becomes a time when people are mysteriously moved to joy, benevolence, festive gatherings and a malleable, kind spirit. It could certainly be the Spirit of God taking His spoon and moving all of us. But, how much more should the people of God offer no resistance to the stirring of the Lord. After all, it was the same spoon that stirred us and brought us to the feet of Jesus! Come, let us arise and finish the work of the Temple!

“See You in Church,”

October 1, 2016

Stirred By God