Notice! Sunday School Is Cancelled Along With All Other Activities!

At First United Methodist Church Elgin, our Sunday school classes start at 10:00 a.m. and end about 10:50 a.m. each Sunday morning.

Sunday School at First United Methodist Elgin is a time-honored tradition that serves a broad range of ages and needs.  There is a class for everyone that serves the educational needs of a diverse and mobile congregation.  At each age level, opportunities for Bible Study, theological exploration, and spiritual growth are offered so individuals can explore the intersection between faith and everyday life.  Each class is designed to provide age-appropriate, meaningful and challenging study, good fellowship, ministry opportunities and church involvement.

The Sunday School curriculum used at First United Methodist Church Elgin is from Feasting on the Word.  This innovative resource explores one of the lectionary passages in ways suitable for all participants.  Each age level provides comprehensive, accessible biblical background for teachers from four perspectives.  This curriculum begins with a solid scriptural and theological base for leaders and invites leaders and learners deeper into the rhythm of the church year.  It utilizes a common Bible passage for all learners, making it easy for families to learn and live out their faith together.

All questions regarding Sunday School can be directed to Milissa Davis, (512-281-5087) or email


Sunday School Classes

Children Classes
The primary goal is to give children a sense of what it means to live in a Christian community, along with a basic knowledge of the foundational stories of our faith.


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, Room 301
1st & 2nd Grade, Room 303
3rd Grade  Room, 303
4th & 5th Grade Room, 302
6th Grade (Confirmation) Room, 200


Youth Classes
The Youth Ministry is a top priority at FUMC, providing youth with opportunities for fellowship, leadership, spiritual growth and mission.

Middle School Room 203
High School Room 203
Young Disciples (6th grade & above) Room 403


Adult Classes
Our Sunday School classes offer adults a wide selection of age groups, study topics, and learning styles.  Most adult classes are a mixture of single and married people.  Study topics range from the Bible, to Christian beliefs, to personal growth issues, family relationships, and current social concerns.  A strong emphasis on fellowship and support make these groups a vital part of the church community.


Judge Webb Class
Teacher:  Mary Rhodes
Senior Adult Room 101


Most of the people in this class are retired, however, any age person is welcome.  They meet at 9:30 a.m.(30 minutes before the other Sunday School classes) for music.  Their curriculum is based on the Uniform Series, which presents stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life,  This Bible-based, Christ-focused, and United Methodist-approved curriculum helps adults move from a focus on the Word to reflection on personal, family, church and community concerns.

Wesley Class
Teacher:  Ray Worsham
Age Diversified, Meets in the Library, Room 309

This is an age diversified Bible study that connects the Feasting On The Word Bible story and weekly scriptures from worship to our daily lives.

Perspectives Class

Teacher:  Adrianne Gosselin and Samuel Blanco lll.
Age Diversified, meets in the Overflow Room (room #307)

This class discusses different topics every week that confronts the news headlines with scripture and hope.  They meet in the Overflow Room (room #307), located at the back of the Fellowship Hall.