Pastor Sam Blanco4The present world is full of chaos, confusion and deterioration. The Church of Jesus Christ is not immune to these forces and every church has been affected in multiple ways. However, the question at hand is, how do we stop this glacier from creeping forward? Well, few (if any) would say, how about a pebble? In real terms, the proposal is laughable because a pebble would be devoured by the moving behemoth immediately. Yet, this is exactly what I am saying! The prophet Zechariah speaks of a coming time when those believers who doubted the insignificant ways God was moving would end up rejoicing in them! God’s renewal plan was to go back to the ol’ religion of the fathers and then things would blossom. Why? Because the Spirit of God was behind it! The Apostle Paul also reminded the Jews that it has always been God’s strategy to use what the world considers foolish, low and despised to fulfill His purposes. Our church is made up of ordinary men and women. However, in the hands of God, you become like a pebble capable of stopping the glacier of a back-sliding world. In God’s strategy, it seemed fit to place you along the edge as a Methodist. Some things may seem insignificant right now- but the day is coming when we will all rejoice in them!

“See You In Church”

November 1, 2016

The Glacier and the Pebble