In Accounts of Revival, John Gillies chronicles the history of Christian   revivals from the early centuries to the eighteenth century. While there have been  both great revivals and times of spiritual slumber, the Lord has faithfully kept a   remnant in anticipation of the new outpouring of God. Rev. Horatius Bonar, the editor, writes the following lines: The multitude has always slept…ten thousand times He has spoken and still He speaks…but there has always been a little flock awake. Such is the manner of a godly revival. The arrival of the Spirit of revival will happen suddenly whether on a person, a prayer group or upon a crowd, but the hope and prayer for that day will wake time. This is well-founded in the words of the prophet Isaiah who writes, he that believeth shall not make haste. In a godly revival, there is no “hurry-up offense”, no “just add water,” or “just microwave it.” There is no substitute for praying without ceasing, for supplication, for fasting and for hoping. There is no quick way to revival except to knock in prayer at the Master’s door until He opens!  The Spirit of revival is none other than the precious cornerstone, Jesus of Nazareth!The Lord said, My sheep hear my voice…and follow Me. He is beckoning the little flock to walk with Him in hope- amidst all our duties-until we come to the day of revival!Let us walk in hope.

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May 1, 2017

Someone to Hope– Patiently