Building Freedom for the Home Bound in the Elgin area. . . . . . . .










Have your ever changed a person’s life in a single day?

The Texas Ramp Project does it hundreds of times a year.  We build wheelchair ramps for the disabled or elderly people who can”t afford to buy one.  In a few hours on a Saturday morning, we give these folks the freedom to leave their homes again – the home where they want to remain, but whose steps have imprisoned them.

Since incorporating in 2006, the Texas Ramp Project has built more than 4,560 safe, durable ramps across the state.  You can support us with your time and talent, by becoming a local leader or volunteer builder.  You can support us with your funding, which we can use to purchase lumber and tools for ramp construction.  Or you can support us with your good will, by spreading the word about how the Texas Ramp Project brings freedom to the home bound.

Greg Silkinson, coordinates the ramp project in the Elgin area.  When there is a need for a ramp, he contacts volunteers to help.

Austin Area Texas Ramp Project