Dr. Kevin Watson, Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies at Seattle Pacific University, was asked recently what could bring renewal to the Wesleyan movement today. His answer was simply to return to the small Wesleyan groups. When the class meetings and the smaller accountable groups were the bedrock of Methodism is America, the movement grew exponentially. It behooves us to return to watching over one another in love as the mark of our congregation. John Wesley never said, Be imitators* of me, even as I am of Christ, but he could have. The discipleship strategy and the theology behind it that he established come from Jesus of Nazareth himself who taught the twelve. It was a form of discipleship carried forward into the first century of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America age until it was abandoned. But Mr. Wesley believed that isolated disciples make for weak disciples. Therefore, accountable fellowship was the answer; a constant encouragement via the small group meetings. A synonym for power in the Church is godliness. But, how do we get it? Why not re-take the tested and true Wesleyan approach to godliness? This is, in fact, our general objective for the year. It will require prayer, patience and participation on the part of those who want to want to grasp all that the grace of God offers you. Let us follow Mr. Wesley, an imitator of Christ. Let us watch over one other in love! *The word “followers” in verse one is more properly, “imitators”.

“See You in Church”

February 1, 2017

Follow Jesus, follow Wesley