Church Welcome






“First United Methodist Church Elgin is a joyful place to call your spiritual home.  A place to worship, pray, serve, learn, teach and to love and be loved . . . . . . a place to share the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  At FUMC, we provide a sense of family with an atmosphere that welcomes all to be fully involved in the life of the church.”

Worship is at the center of all we do at First United Methodist Church Elgin. Our primary purpose for Sunday services is to worship God, but the work of the church does not stop there. We make and share lasting friendships. We learn the needs of others and find compassion to help meet those needs. We are served during our special times of need by those who have knelt with us at Holy Communion, participated with us in baptisms, joined with us in congregational prayer, and sung with us the hymns of our church.


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