Program Committees


Nurture/Mission/Outreach Committee

Chairperson:    Brinda Staton

The Nurture team is responsible for coordinating ministries that nurture people in the Christian faith.  To be effective, we must also minister to ourselves and focus on the members within the congregation.  With hospitality and loving care at the core, the various sub-committees that make up the Nurture Committee help care for the needs within our church family.

Focuses on activities and ministry areas that address the concerns and conditions of persons in our community and in our world. This includes providing meals for those who are hungry, clothes for those in need, mission trips or mission support that might be organized and ways in which our Wesley Nurse can provide assistance in helpful ways.  We also want to provide opportunities for people to grow in their spiritual life and become better equipped for life as Christian Disciples.  In many ways, this happens as they “connect” to our church family through these kinds of programs.

Related Ministries:  Disaster Coordinator, District Missions Coordinator, Missions Teams, Scouting Coordinator.  Age-Level Coordinators, Angel Wings Coordinator, Historian, Librarian, Hospitality Coordinators,  Prayer Chain Coordinator, Stephen Ministries Coordinator.

Committee Members:

Traci Boyle      Louisa Soriano       Janel Sowell          Brinda Staton    Ann Walker        Susan Bledsoe    Alma Blanco   

 Worship Committee

Chairperson:    Julie Joesel

In an ongoing effort to provide support to the worship experiences our church has to offer, this group actually works through the church year, creating ways to expand and enliven the worship experience and support the logistical needs and ambiance of the Sanctuary and worship settings.

Related Ministries:  Acolyte Coordinator, Communion Stewards, Lay Speaker Coordinator, Flower Coordinator, Usher Coordinator.

Committee Members:
Julie Joesel      Marilyn Cornelius   Emily Turner

Matt Turner      Fritzi Simon      Glynda Schroeder      John Gibson

Education Committee 

Chairperson:          Brenda Brittain

As each member continues on their faith journey – whether we are 5, 8, 15, or 80 – we need to continuously be learning and growing. Recently, we realized a need for a group to look at, oversee, evaluate, and guide our efforts for all groups.  They will be looking at curriculum, good practices, and overall progression opportunities for Sunday School classes, small groups, Bible studies, and spiritual formation and coordinating them into a more efficient Christian Education.
Related Ministries:  All Teachers, Sunday School Coordinator, VBS 

Committee Members:

Brenda Brittain        Stacy Halliburton

Leah Douglas          Jennifer Herring

Spiritual Formation

Chairperson:    Rev. Samuel Blanco

Committee Members:

Ehrikka Hodge      Brian Millican     Ray Worsham

Administrative Committees

Finance Committee

Chairperson:    Debbie Sandifer

Committee Members:

John Sharp        John Cornelius      Debbie Sandifer       Linn Bledsoe     Jerry Abel        Danny Graves       Allyson Hicks     Judy Henry

Ex Officio Members:           Pastor, Rev. Samuel Blanco

Lay Leader/Member of Ann. Conf.    Fritzi Simon
Leadership Council Chair                      Lisa Schultz
SPRC Chair or Representative             Ray Worsham
Trustees Chair or Representative     (to be elected)
Foundation Chair                                 Mark Neidig 
Treasurer                                               Kay Hicks
Finance Manager (w/o vote)                  Cheryl Courtney

First United Methodist Foundation of Elgin

Chairperson:       (to be elected)

Committee Members:

Gwen Rivers     Kay Wilson        Andy Jacobsen  Mark Neidig 

Ex Officio Member:              Rev. Samuel Blanco

Nominations & Leadership Development

Chairperson:       Pastor, Rev. Samuel Blanco

Committee Members:

Keith Joesel   Rex Sandifer    Melissa Ramsay

Rose Kanten  Leah Douglas 

Ex Officio member:     Lay Leader, Jerry Abel

Staff – Parish Relations

Chairperson:       Ray Worsham

Committee Members:

Mary Rhodes    Ray Worsham    Marc Nash         Audrey Puryear    Tony Laurenzi   

Ex Officio member:      Lay Leader, Jerry Abel                   Lay Member of Annual Conference, Fritzi Simon


Chairperson: Leah Douglas

Committee Members:

Bill Vogt       Forrest Scott      John Hayes

Chuck Wilkinson   Ronald Sowell      Paul Henry

Leadership Council:

Chairperson:     Lisa Schultz

Committee Members:

Vice-Chair                                                (to be elected) 
Lay Member of Annual Conference         Fritzi Simon
Lay Leader                                               Jerry Abel
Treasurer                                                  Kay Hicks
Staff Parrish Relations Chair                    Ray Worsham 
Finance Chair                                           Debbie Sandifer
Trustee Chair                                            ( to be elected) 
Foundation Chair                                      (to be elected)
Nurture/Mission/Outreach Chair                                            Brinda Staton  
Education Chair                                        Brenda Brittain
Worship Chair                                           Julie Joesel
UMMen Representative                            (to be elected)
UMWomen Representative                       (to be elected)
UMYouth Representatives 

Pastor                                                       Rev. Samuel Blanco

Council Members-At-Large:  


For additional information about any of our committees, contact the committee chair or the church office at (512) 285 – 4503.